Ad For Andhika of is The Prince Love


Double Love road;street [of] Andhika with former the girlfriend of making x'self feel like love prince . Although the love story of not yet can end in happyly, some beautiful artists have sticked his liver, among others is Poppy Flower and of Ayu Shita. Getting Epithet love prince make Dika have to more goting wise to loves. For him[s, with that predikat have to really comprehend love world. According To Double Muhammad [of] Andhika, He will become a real pecinta when becoming the the love prince. Man birth of Bandung 3 of April 1986 this also look into if to become prince love not merely have handsome face capital [to]. But also have to have good attitude and sensitive feeling. At the same time the eye blink of Dika add also should be able to be in control of the name of love.

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