Sandra Dewi “Matre”


Popularity have been got by actress playing at in film of comedy, Quickie Express. Popular have made this beautiful woman always exclusive to maked in each opportunity of appearance . Such as He Have feel when meeting mass media in warrior town.

At arrival in Surabaya, Direct Sandra fetched with car which the was assuming of luxuriant, placed by in luxuriant hotel, getting food which have ready to be eaten direct and to be brought to go home. Besides He is also brought to encircle the the town and each;every what is showed by sure him is always got.

Woman which have this 4 year single it is true always give the bestness at kesempata meet mass media, become is not surprise if He gets very special treatment. But all got affluences and felt by characterization of this Beautiful Love was so that the making of having to under developed of plane go home.

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